Why should I buy from you?
We offer high quality IDs for a reasonable price. We've been in the industry since 2007. Everything is done anonymously and we would never sell or release your personal information to anyone. Our e-mail and website are hosted offshore. Our production is done offshore as well, away from the jurisdiction of our Law Enforcement agencies here in the US.

What State IDs do you offer?
Please see our IDs We Sell section for this.

Will your ID scan?
Yes, it will scan either by barcode, mag stripe or both.

Will your ID pass the blacklight (UV) test?
Yes, as long as the ID has the UV feature.

Does your ID have Holograms?
Yes. All of our IDs have State specific Holograms. They are not the generic kind.

Can I include any info I want on the ID?
We will tailor your ID to your needs.

How long will it take to receive my ID(s)?
It will take approximately two weeks for you to get the ID(s). Rush jobs are available at USD $50.00 extra PER ID. For example, it will be USD $175.00 for one ID if you opt for it. The Rush fee does not apply to dupes. You will get the ID in about one week if you pay for this. Please check the Rush box if you want to opt for this.

How much do you charge for your ID(s)?
Please see our Prices & Payment section for this.

What type of payment do you accept?
Please see our Prices & Payment section for this.

Do you accept Western Union?
Yes, we do. Please follow the instructions given when you choose the Western Union payment type.

What picture and/or signature file should I send?
These are explained in the Order Form section.

How do you ship the IDs?
The IDs are shipped either via FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS or USPS.

How long would it take for delivery?
It will take about 2-5 business days after the ID is shipped, depending on the shipper used. Weekends and public holidays do not count as a business day.

Do I get a tracking number once the ID is shipped?
You will receive the tracking number as soon as we have it. Please login here to check the tracking info for your order(s).

Can I have the ID mailed to a P.O. Box?
We can have the ID delivered to a P.O. Box. College mailboxes are fine as well.

Do you guarantee your product?
Yes, we do. We stand behind every product we sell. Please submit a ticket here if you have any issues.

Can I get a reprint if my ID gets taken?
Reprints are $80 for the first 30 days. Plese e-mail us at [email protected] and use "Reprint" as the subject heading.You would need to place a new order using the Order Form and pay the full price after that timeframe.

Can I order a duplicate copy when I place my initial order?
Yes, it's $30 extra for the duplicate. For example, it will be $155 if you order one ID and a duplicate. Please check the Dupe box and select the number of dupes you want. Duplicates are exact copies of the first ID. No changes are allowed for the dupe.

Can I pay after the ID is made?
We don't offer that option anymore due to these people (click here to see them). The IDs were made and they decided to not fulfill their part of the agreement.

Do you sell just the Holograms?
Yes, we do. Please visit www.new-holos.com for more info.

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