Fake and Novelty IDs
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Only Available from Monday through Friday, from 3pm - 5pm EST (New York Time). Your order must be $200 and above to use this option.

For Cash, please email us at [email protected] for instructions.

Use "Cash Payment" for the Subject.

Write the following in the body of the email:

Choose Bank of America or Wells Fargo.
Let us know the amount you are going to deposit.
The State you are in.

ie. Bank of America. Amount is $345. Arizona state.

A set of instructions will be provided for you to deposit
CASH only at a Bank of America or Wells Fargo bank.

Please make sure you get the deposit done within the 3pm - 5pm EST timeframe.

The bank accounts info will change daily and we won't have a way to refund you if you miss this timeframe.

Only email the email above if you can make the 3pm - 5pm EST timeframe.